How to Choose a Quantity Surveyor Firm

How to Choose a Quantity Surveyor Firm to be Part of your Project

How do you choose the best quantity surveyor firm to be part of your project? Because a quantity surveyor works with your financial lender and construction team, choosing the best firm requires some thought and consideration. Here are a few ideas to consider when choosing a quantity surveyor firm.

  • Review who is on your lender’s approved list of quantity surveyors: Typically, many lenders have an approved list of firms whom they have worked with on previous loan advancing projects. Consult with your lender to see if they have an approved list of quantity surveyors to choose from.
  • Review a quantity surveyor’s portfolio: With so many types of construction, including single or multi-family residential, industrial, or commercial, you may choose to employ a quantity surveyor firm who has curated a portfolio specific to style of building you are developing.
  • Engineering and/or construction related background: Because a quantity surveyor firm works with construction, many developers want a quantity surveyor firm with an engineering background or previous construction related history. This helps considerably because a firm with a construction background can help you identify issues and red flags earlier in the process.

Taking the time to choose a qualified quantity surveyor firm can give you an edge in construction costs, even possibly finding ways to reduce construction related costs, speeding up any timelines, and ensuring your management team, financial lender and construction companies are all content with the course of project construction.

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