Purpose of Project Monitoring

What is the purpose of Project Monitoring?
What is the purpose of Project Monitoring?

It’s common for quantity surveyors to take on the role of a project monitor on behalf of the lender. What is the purpose of project monitoring? A lender needs to be updated to the status of the project on a regular basis.
To do this, a quantity surveyor:

  • Will complete regular site inspections.
  • Provide a report which details the current state of construction, scheduling, and costs.
  • Update any deviations that may have occurred since the last report.
  • Update any current issues.

The above encompass four main aspects that demonstrate the value of a project monitor:

  1. Outlining deviations that have occurred
  2. Identifying potential risks and impending issues
  3. And, updating to current status and recognizing achievability of upcoming construction milestones.

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